Pacemaker Surgery in New Jersey

Pacemaker surgery allows those who are suffering from arrhythmias and the accompanying symptoms—such as fatigue, dizziness, fainting and shortness of breath—to enjoy a normal quality of life. Pacemaker surgery provides patients much-needed relief by either increasing the heart rate so that it is again normal or by circumventing blocked parts of the heart with electrical impulses.

Prior to the pacemaker procedure, the doctors at Garden State Heart Care will meet with a patient to determine which types of pacemakers he or she needs: single chamber, dual chamber or rate-responsive pacing, the latter of which can be administered through either of the first two pacemakers.

The Pacemaker Procedure

While pacemaker surgery is very common, the medical staff at Garden State Heart Care understands it is still a major operation and will meet with patients to go over the entire pacemaker procedure and what patients can expect before, during and afterward. We will also monitor pacemaker surgery patients with follow-up visits in the months after the pacemaker procedure, to ensure that the heart is functioning well and that the body has accepted the pacemaker.

To learn more about Garden State Heart Care and to set up an appointment for pacemaker surgery, call us at (732) 851-4700 or visit one of our three offices:

Headquarters: 831 Tennent Road, Manalapan NJ 07751
Tel: (732) 851 4700 
Fax: (732) 851 4703

Jamesburg Office:
 333 Forsgate Drive, Suite 205
 Jamesburg, NJ 08831
Tel: (732) 851 4700 
Fax: (732) 851 4703

Jackson Office: 201 North County Line Road; Jackson NJ 08527
Tel: (732) 994 5544  Fax: (732) 994 5540

Old Bridge Office: 2 hospital Plaza suite 450; Old Bridge NJ 08857



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