EKG Interpretation 

When it comes to electrocardiogram (EKGs), the administering of the test is as important as the EKG interpretation. In New Jersey, nobody provides better and more accurate one-stop EKG test service than Garden State Heart Care.

After a patient receives a normal EKG test—which measures the heart’s electrical activity via noninvasive methods—our staff will go over the results and provide the EKG interpretation. Precision in EKG interpretation is vital because a normal EKG test will monitor not only a patient’s heartbeat but also reveal any damage to the heart. An EKG is also important to gauge the effectiveness of any drugs the patient is taking and the performance of devices (such as pacemakers) that have been implemented. The EKG interpretation serves as a barometer of how healthy the patient is at the moment and allows doctors to modify treatment as necessary.

Normal EKG Readings

If you’re concerned about your heart’s health, or it’s time for your annual EKG exam, come to the patient-centered physicians at Garden State Heart Care. To learn more about what we do at Garden State Heart Care and to set up an appointment for an EKG exam and subsequent EKG interpretation, call us at (732) 851-4700 or visit one of our three offices:

Headquarters: 831 Tennent Road, 
Manalapan NJ 07751
Tel: (732) 851 4700
 Fax: (732) 851 4703

Jamesburg Office: 
333 Forsgate Drive, Suite 205
 Jamesburg, NJ 08831
Tel: (732) 851 4700
 Fax: (732) 851 4703

Jackson Office: 201 North County Line Road; Jackson NJ 08527
Tel: (732) 994 5544  (Fax) 732 994 5540

Old Bridge Office: 2 hospital Plaza suite 450; Old Bridge NJ 08857

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