Holter Monitoring

Holter Monitoring in New Jersey

Not all patients who are worried they are suffering from symptoms of minor heart ailments and heart disease can get the answers—and the peace of mind—they seek by simply undergoing an EKG. In these instances, holter monitoring at Garden State Heart Care is the answer.

A holter monitor is as short as 24 hours or as long as 21 days.  Electrodes are placed in our office and the patient then goes about their normal daily activity. The holter monitor then records every single rhythm of the heart to be detected. The doctor is then able to see abnormalities that may not show up during a briefer EKG. A holter monitorcan help determine the cause of symptoms such as fainting, chest pains and palpitations. Holter monitoringis also used to evaluate the performance of a pacemaker.

Holter Monitor Test

While the tape recorder affixed to the cardiac holter monitor ensures there is a chronicling of the patient’s activities during holter monitoring, it is also essential he or she keep a diary throughout the procedure so that doctors can evaluate whether certain activities contributed to the onset of any symptoms.

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