Cardiac Catheterization / Intervention

Cardiac Catheterization Procedure 

A cardiac catheterization procedure is intricate yet essential for patients who may be suffering from blocked or narrowed arteries. At Garden State Heart Care, we provide expert counsel and care from the initial meeting about a cardiac catheterization procedure to follow-ups during cardiac catheterization recovery.

A cardiac catheterization procedure involves placing an IV into an artery to pass catheters to the heart to look for artery blockages or take pressure measurements inside of the heart.  Dye is injected into the arteries and pictures taken under video xray.   Special precautions are taken for patients with shellfish allergies, iodine allergies, contrast allergies, or those patients with underlying kidney disease.

Drs Patel and VanHise are experts in this field and, combined, have performed thousands of these procedures.  There are three main outcomes following a heart catheterization procedure –

  • Normal arteries – no blockages means great news; no special therapy needed
  • Minimally blockages – this means early cholesterol plaque has developed in the arteries but only medications are needed at this time
  • Severe blockages – these are certainly more complex and involve intricate discussions between our doctors and the patient.  Medications, stents, or surgical bypass surgery might be recommended depending on the severity of the blockages and their location within the arteries.

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